Children & Youth Perspectives

Posted October 1, 2020

Exploring children’s social and emotional representations of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Idoiaga, N., Berasategi, N., Eiguren, A., & Picaza, M. (2020). Frontiers in Psychology, 11. August 12 2020.


Posted May 13, 2020

‘I Can’t Believe I Am Going to Say This, but I Would Rather Be at School’
Henry Dodd, New York Times

Making The News: Kids Reflect On COVID-19 Experiences In Online Newspaper
Elizabeth Dohms-Harter, Wisconsin Public Radio

In pictures: children around the world display their lockdown art
Douglas Broom, World Economic Forum

A Big Picture art contest

Teens in Print’s COVID-19 Perspective Series

‘I can’t let it prevent me from really living’: Nine local teens on how they’re coping with the coronavirus outbreak
Anne Hillman, Seattle Times

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The Coronavirus Time Capsule by Company Three

‘I was scared but now I feel brave’: Six-year-old pens book about the coronavirus