How to Join an ECHO Program


In order to learn more about the programs offered, please review the Our Programs page.

**Note: At this time, most of our programs are intended for Ontario-based healthcare providers only. 


Decide which program you would like to apply to.

**Note: If you have questions about a specific program, please reach out to us. You can find specific program email addresses here.


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Given Project ECHO’s aim to reduce disparities in access to mental health services, ECHO Ontario Mental Health prioritizes applications from those who currently provide direct care, and from those working in remote areas of the province.

Due to capacity limitations in our programs, enrolment is not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my case presentation be confidential?

Of course!

Only non-identifiable information is shared during the sessions. We are PHIPA compliant and provide secure ways to share information.

We work closely with all our participants when they share one of their cases. We want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure discussing a case in our ECHO community.

What equipment is needed?

We use an internet-based videoconferencing technology called ‘Zoom.’

Participants can connect to the session through their laptop, desktop (with a camera/microphone), tablet, or phone.

We provide technical support and orientation for all our participants.

Is this only for physicians?

Definitely not!

Any healthcare professional interested in engaging around a topic, sharing their experience, and learning from their peers can attend ECHO sessions.

We welcome physicians, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, healthcare administrators, community health workers, pharmacists, and public health practitioners.

What is the cost?

All of our sessions are free!

We are fully funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

However, we require a commitment (attending 60% of sessions) to actively engage in the peer learning community by sharing experiences and presenting client cases.

Can my client make an appointment with ECHO?

Clients do not attend our ECHO programs, and are not seen during sessions.

Instead, the sessions facilitate a way in which community providers connect to specialists and other community partners who help co-manage patients.