Art of Coping Presentations

Posted March 10, 2021

March 4 – Presented by Chantalle Clarkin


Posted February 19, 2021

February 12 – Presented by Chantalle Clarkin


Posted December 14, 2020

December 11 – Presented by Amanda Gee

Posted October 22, 2020

October 16 – Presented by Javed Alloo 


Posted October 5, 2020

October 2 – Presented by Katie Switzer


Posted September 8, 2020

Coherent Breathing – Selected References

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Posted September 4, 2020

September 2 – Presented by Chantalle Clarkin


Posted August 19, 2020

August 19 – Presented by Amanda Gee


Posted July 22, 2020

Audiobooks – Presented by Terri Rodak


Posted July 20, 2020

June 24 – Presented by Chantalle Clarkin

AGO Makes Series – Contour Drawing:

Mindfulness Through 2 Drawing Techniques (Mindful Doodle and Contour Drawing):


Posted June 19, 2020

The Art of Coping – Presented by Amanda Gee:


Posted June 11, 2020

Ramadhan in the Pandemic – Presented by Javed Alloo:


Posted May 27, 2020

“A Centre” by Ha Jin

I Will See You Again by Lisa Boivin

“Dressing up to take the bins out”

The Broad From Home
Infinite Drone: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away

The Sketchbook Project

Wash Your Lyrics

“In the Time of Pandemic” by Kitty O’Meara

“Lockdown” by Richard Hendrick

The Great Empty – photo essay in The New York Times

Graphic Medicine on COVID-19

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