ECHO Ontario Psychotherapy provides an introduction into the theory and skills used in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Developmental Trauma & Resilience (DTR).The program is designed for primary and community care providers who would like to integrate principles and strategies from these areas into their current practice. Completing this program will not qualify
you to be a certified CBT or DBT Therapist. It is also not intended to provide
specific training in trauma treatments such as prolonged exposure, Trauma
Focused CBT, or Trauma Focused DBT.





Location: Zoom Videoconferencing

Time: 9:30AM to 11:00AM EST

Length: 3 Modules 

12 Sessions on CBT (September – December 2023)

12 Sessions on DBT (January – March 2024)

14 Sessions on Developmental Trauma & Resilience (April – June 2024)

When: Thursdays (Weekly)

Developmental Trauma and Resilience will be held on Tuesdays from 1:00 to 2:30 PM

Target Audience: Healthcare Providers

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Below is a list of curriculum topics that are often featured in this module:

  1.  Introduction to CBT 
  2. Collaborative Goal Setting
  3. Activity Monitoring & Behavioural Activation
  4. Rationale & Guidelines for Exposure Therapy
  5. Developing Exposure Hierarchies & Behavioural Experiments
  6. Identifying Problem Thoughts & Cognitive Distortions
  7. Examining & Challenging Problem Thoughts
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Mindfulness Part I
  10. Mindfulness Part II
  11. Identifying & Working with Emotions
  12. Challenging in CBT/Relapse Prevention

Below is a list of curriculum topics that are often in this module:

  1.  Introduction to DBT
  2. Biosocial Theory
  3. Structuring Treatment
  4. Validation Strategies
  5. Behaviour Analysis
  6. Motivate: Get a Commitment
  7. Problem Solving & Solution Analysis
  8. Distress Tolerance Skills
  9. Coaching Clients in Distress
  10. Managing Safety Risk
  11. Consultation Teams
  12. Engaging the Environment

Below is a list of curriculum topics that are often featured in this module:

  1. Developmental Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences Across the Lifespan
  2. PTSD & Complex Trauma
  3. Common A-B-Cs of Developmental Trauma
  4. Skills for Seeking Safety
  5. Formulation
  6. Attachment in the Therapeutic Relationship
  7. Promoting Resilience
  8. Trauma-Informed Care
  9. Coaching Clients in Distress
  10. Trauma Focused CBT


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Welcome, Introduction, and Announcements – 10 minutes

Didactic Presentation – 30 minutes

Case Discussion – 45 minutes

Session Wrap-Up – 5 minutes


Attend 60% of program sessions

Present an anonymized case

Participate in group discussions

Provide feedback through evaluation activities



Our program sessions are run by an inter-professional Hub Team from multiple health organizations across Ontario. 

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These individuals make up our CBT Hub Team:

  • Allison Crawford
  • Stephanie Cassin
  • Gili Adler Nevo
  • Anne Kirvan
    (Social Worker)
  • Nina Josefowitz

These individuals make up our DBT Hub Team:

  • Allison Crawford
  • Shelley McMain
  • Tali Bortiz
  • Robert Cardish
  • Anne Kirvan
    (Social Worker)
  • Lynn Courey
    (Community Member Educator)

These individuals make up our Developmental Trauma & Resilience Hub Team:

  • Allison Crawford
  • Greg Lodenquai
  • Anne Kirvan
    (Social Worker)
  • Tali Bortiz
  • Kristin Gionfriddo
    (Social Worker)
  • Stephanie Wang
    (Community Educator)