Adult Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities


ECHO Ontario Adult Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) addresses the intersection of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health in adulthood. The Winter 2024 series will focus specifically on autism and mental health in adulthood.

This program is for mental health/primary care providers and developmental service providers who support adults with IDD and Autism. The curriculum will specifically address the mental health challenges that this population can face.

This ECHO supports healthcare providers in applying the 2018 Canadian consensus guidelines on primary care for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from Canadian Family Physician.


Location: Zoom Videoconferencing

Time: 9:30AM to 11:00AM EST

Length: 6 Sessions (January 19 2024 – March 1 2024)

When: Friday Mornings (Weekly)

Target Audience: Healthcare Providers/Developmental Service Professionals with Experience Working with Adults with IDD and Autism

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Below is a list of curriculum topics we are offering for this cycle.


  1. Autistic Mental Health in Adulthood – a H-E-L-P-ful overview
  2. Key Considerations Around Gender and Sexual Diversity in Autism
  3. Diagnosing Autism in Adulthood – Considerations and Implication for Mental Health
  4. Health Care Communication and Accessing Medical Care and Mental Health Supports
  5. Stress, Anxiety and OCD – Screening, Assessment and Treatment
  6. Depression and Suicidality – Screening, Assessment and Treatment


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Welcome, Introduction, and Announcements – 10 minutes

Didactic Presentation – 30 minutes

Case Discussion – 45 minutes

Addressing Outstanding Questions and Session Wrap-Up – 5 minutes


Attend 60% of program sessions

Present an anonymized case

Participate in group discussions

Provide feedback through evaluation activities



Our program sessions are run by an inter-professional Hub Team from multiple health organizations across Ontario. 

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These individuals make up our AIDD: Autism Hub Team:

  1. Yona Lunsky (Psychologist/Co-Lead)
  2. Anupam Thakur (Psychiatrist/ Co-Lead)
  3. Jonathan Weiss (Psychologist) 
  4. Liz Grier (MD)
  5. Angela Gonzales (Advanced Practice Nurse)
  6. Nadia Mia (Social Worker)
  7. Nicole Bobette (Occupational Therapist)
  8. Nathan Dawthorne (Family Representative)
  9. Adeen Ashton Fogle (Family Representative)
  10. Megan Pilatzke (Self Advocate)