Trans & Gender Diverse Healthcare


Are you supporting clients who have transition-related goals?

Do you want to connect with and learn from other healthcare providers who are also doing this work?

If so, please join this ECHO, which aims to provide a trans-affirming space for healthcare providers to learn from one another about medical transition, with a focus on providing clients with gender-affirming care.


Location: Zoom Videoconferencing

Time: 9:00AM to 10:30AM EST

Length: 16 Sessions

When: Thursday Mornings (Weekly)

Target Audience: Healthcare Providers

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Below is a list of curriculum topics that are often featured in this program.

  1. Introduction to gender-affirming healthcare
  2. Increasing provider confidence in diagnosing gender dysphoria
  3. Trauma informed care, creating safer spaces & validating identities during transition
  4. Testosterone therapies
  5. Estrogen and blocker therapies
  6. Racialized Identities in Trans Health Care
  7. Affirmative psychotherapeutic approaches
  8. OHIP-funded masculinizing surgeries
  9. OHIP-funded feminizing surgeries
  10. Unique considerations for youth
  11. Working with families of trans clients
  12. Neurodiversity
  13. Eating disorders/Body Image, Substance Use
  14. Surgery 2.0
  15. Affirming Trans, Gender Diverse, and Two-Spirit Identities
  16. Hormones 2.0


Registration for the 2023 Fall Cycle of ECHO TGDH is now closed.

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Welcome, Introduction, and Announcements – 10 minutes

Didactic Presentation – 30 minutes

Case Discussion – 45 minutes

Addressing Outstanding Questions and Session Wrap-Up – 5 minutes


Attend 60% of program sessions

Present an anonymized case

Participate in group discussions

Provide feedback through evaluation activities



Our program sessions are run by an inter-professional Hub Team from multiple health organizations across Ontario. 

Please click on the toggle buttons below to see who will be facilitating these sessions.

These individuals make up our TGDH Hub Team:

  1. June Lam (Psychiatrist) 
  2. Carey Lawford (Social Worker)
  3. Natania Marcus (Psychologist)
  4. Jordan Goodridge (Family Physician)
  5. Rowen Kae Stark (Community Member Educator)
  6. Nina Vitopoulos (Psychologist)
  7. Kate Greenaway (Family Physician)
  8. Benn Brisland (Social Worker)
  9. Laura Shepherd (Community Member Educator)
  10. Gordon McSheffrey (Physician)
  11. Terri Rodak (Librarian)