Key Info




Thursdays Weekly


9:00AM - 10:30AM EST

Target Audience:

Healthcare Providers

Start Date:

October 1, 2020

Session Structure:

Introductions & Announcements
(10 Minutes)

Didactic Presentation on a Weekly Topic
(30 Minutes)

Case Discussion
(45 Minutes)

Library Questions & Wrap-Up
(5 Minutes)


Attend Weekly Sessions
(At Least 60%)

Present a Client Case

Participate in Group Discussions

Provide Feedback Through Evaluation Activities

Hub Team:

Wayne Baici

Carrie Lawford
Social Worker

Cathy Maser
Nurse Practitioner

Jane Taylor
Social Worker

Jordan Goodridge
Family Physician

Leah Keating

Nina Vitopoulos

Terri Rodak

Trans & Gender Diverse Healthcare

Are you supporting clients who have transition-related goals?

Do you want to connect with and learn from other healthcare providers who are also doing this work?

If so, please join this ECHO, which aims to provide a trans-affirming space for healthcare providers to learn from one another about medical transition, with a focus on providing clients with gender-affirming care.

Sample Curriculum Schedule

Introduction to Gender-Affirming Healthcare

Increasing Provider Confidence in Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria

Unique Considerations for Youth

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

OHIP-Funded Feminizing Surgeries

Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

OHIP-Funded Masculinizing Surgeries

Practical Aspects of Making Referrals for Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Providing comprehensive post-operative care and support

Working with Families

Trauma Informed Care

#12 Affirming Trans, Gender Diverse, and Two-spirit Identities

Hormones 2.0

Surgery 2.0

Affirmative psychotherapeutic approaches

Update on WPATH Criteria